Untold Gifts

Yesterday I posted a video called The Gift – talking about pain, loss, death, trauma, and how we can choose to look for the gifts in adversity to help us grow.

“What is the best gift you can give during a time of adversity?”

Many of you know that our daughter Bella was very poorly for a number of years with leukaemia. She’s doing really well now, in outpatient care and check ups. We became experts in self-isolation during that day, and we owe so much to the wonderful NHS – so many happy memories from that time of the fabulous people we met, as well as awful traumatic memories from the days of shock, panic, pain, despair, tragedies we witnessed firsthand.

Today I wanted to share a video about how I had to make myself take care of myself during the long days of Bella’s illness. Unless we put ourselves first, we end up burnt out and stressed and frankly of no use to anyone else.

This has been an incredibly stressful time for all as we have each experienced our own response to the pandemic – a shared experience but individual too. Not everyone has experienced the same thing.

I wanted to encourage you to take a pause, step back, look at what you need to renourish and replete your energies. I’ve spoken to so many people this week who have “hit a wall” and feel exhausted, sad, angry, despairing.

What can you do to make time to take care of yourself? What would that look like?

Also – link in the comments – I’m running free session on Zoom tomorrow talking about “change curve theory” and how as humans we have all experienced a range of different emotions, but we can use tools to help us recover and to become stronger and more resilient and also to help others. Come and join me if this sounds like something you want to know more about. I think this is for everyone. We should all be having this conversation about how we react in a crisis, and how to help others. Let’s come together to talk about it. 

With love

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