In this short video, I talk about planting the seeds of possibility.
Where do great ideas come from and how do they come to fruition?
How does magic happen so that a brilliant idea moves from possibility into reality and takes on a life of its own?

What could you do if you have an idea you want to bring to life?

I see so many people who have an incredible idea but they’re too scared to plant the seed and grow it (myself included)… the idea, the vision, the beautiful seed of possibility stays small and not nurtured.

The answer? Seek out people to help you, champion you and who can support you.

Things happen more easily, and feel more joyful when we work together. The power of collaboration is incredibly powerful when you have a big idea that you want to bring to life. Planting the seed is one thing…but then creating the right conditions for that idea to grow takes courage and patience and trust. So having people by your side to believe in you and your idea is priceless.

This is why I’m so passionate about creating communities and connecting people together so that they support and help one another to bring ideas to life. Engendering change, solving problems, having fun along the way. That’s how we bring seedlings to life.

Seedlings from David Taylor on Vimeo.


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