Battle with Resistance

The more we want something, the more Resistance we feel. The more important an activity is to your heart and soul’s evolution, the more Resistance you will encounter. Resistance (with a capital R, as defined so beautifully by the author Steven Pressfield) is what shows up to dissuade us, slow us down, put us off track from our goals, our mission, our ambitions, from the life we would love to have.

In our business lives this is a huge challenge. Every entrepreneur is on a journey to make a difference, to impact people’s lives, to show up and be seen and be heard and of course to make money. 


In his book “The War of Art” Pressfield tells us quite simply to ‘put your ass where your heart is’ …. meaning that the only way past Resistance is to keep turning up and intentionally getting into action doing the very thing your heart is telling you do. Over and over and over. Despite the self doubt and the fear and the excuses. To recognise the Resistance, notice that it is attempting to keep you from your heart’s desire and from reaching your potential, and to get in the room and do it anyway. That’s right. Do it anyway. 

What does it look like?

Recognising Resistance for what it is can be hard.

It sneaks in unbidden alongside your hopes and ambitions. It is the shadow you cast across your own big dreams. 

It’s the voice in your head that tells you …

– it will never work
– no one wants to buy that
– the market is already too crowded
– I don’t have the qualifications to do this
– that will be impossible to achieve 
– I haven’t got time
– she’s better than me
– if it was meant to happen, I’d already have done it 

If you listen hard enough, there’s a deeper voice inside you will be saying ‘but I still want to try. I still want it. Why not me?’

Resistance shows up every time we deeply desire something, and to overcome it we first have to meet with it and expose it. 

Because the voice of Resistance is not your own true thoughts, it’s a toxic culmination of social conditioning, external opinions, self doubt and a desire to keep within the comfort zone. 

It’s not your voice. 

It’s trying to [keep you safe] stop you from getting to the next level, and in business we don’t want to be stopped in our tracks. 

We want to move onwards always. Life and business. 

The obstacle between the business we are capable of building and the business we will otherwise build is Resistance. [read that again!]

In all the coaching, teaching, mentoring, speaking, writing, connecting I do…all my work in the world… my intention is to create a safe space where people are able to truthfully expose their Resistance to the light by talking about it, sharing it, asking for support or simply getting a sense check in order to push on. 

When people ask me what I do, the elevator speech is tricky.

  • I help people to see the world differently.
  • I inspire them to shift perspective.
  • I encourage them to move past excuses.
  • I teach them to innovate and trust their creative drive.
  • I empower them to show up confidently and honestly in line with their values so they are liberated
  • I gift them self-belief by listening, affirming, mirroring, seeing them. 

I ask questions to expose their Resistance so that they can recognise it, laugh at it, and journey onwards with momentum and determination.

Sometimes potential clients question the value or the price tag of coaching. They say they don’t have the money to invest, whilst simultaneously spending it on tangible material symbols of outward success such as the house, the car, the clothes, the holidays, the watch. As humans we often actively choose not to invest in the greatest asset we have – ourselves, our brains, our bodies & being, our presence and impact.

We all feel Resistance to being the person we are meant to be. As Marianne Williamson put so beautifully:

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our Light, not our Darkness, that most frightens us. 

How not to grow your biz

Playing with Resistance 

So what about when you decide you want to consciously do battle? 

First things first, we want to be able to recognise Resistance when it shows up. 

It’s really important to be able to assess the fear or self doubt which can disguise itself as very logical, rational commercial reasoning. And having someone to do that with you – priceless. 

Whatever the thing is that you’re afraid of doing, we need to know if Resistance is at play.

Once we identify Resistance, we need to find out if the dream, the ambition, the act you are talking yourself out of is powerful enough to carry you through. We need to light the fire under your passion so you are prepared to do battle because the prize is big enough. 

And from there, you have to commit to putting your ass where your heart is. And of course having a person to hold you accountable to that, to spur you on, to question you when you fail in your consistency (which let’s face it, you most certainly will, by virtue of the fact that you are human) – priceless. 

Once you’re battling, dancing, playing with Resistance, that’s how we move past. That way lies joy, freedom, success, happiness, impact, untold exciting consequences. That way lies the truth of You. 


The unlived you. The “sliding doors” you. The one that takes action, that doesn’t give up, that pushes on despite fear – nay, in spite fear. The you which drives your business forward to ever greater heights and pivots and transitions and creates and shows up and gets visible and makes connections and does things which feel edgy but oh so very marvellous once achieved.

Because your business is an extension of you and your potential, and when you get support to move past Resistance then your business is becoming ever closer to being a physical embodiment of YOU putting your ass where your heart is.

Your life becomes more colourful, more meaningful, more truthful, more joyful. 

Who doesn’t want that? ❤️ 

[I presume that’s why you’re here, reading this post to the end…. ]

Share with me your experiences and your relationship with Resistance right now.

How does it show up for you in your business? Or your life more generally? Are you open to the battle?

R x

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