Done is better than Perfect…

This week, despite the summer sun, I’ve been feeling frustrated with myself.

I’ve launched some new services – which I’m super excited about – but I’ve fallen behind with doing all the things I need to do to promote and properly share the details to get momentum around them. FFS, come on woman. Power up.

Why am I struggling?

Well first and foremost, because I have two young girls who take up a lot of my time and attention. And at this time of year I seem to basically live at the school. Parents evening, sports days, ballet shows, music productions, end of term this that and the other. Summer is a fabulous time of year but for working parents – practically impossible to keep jobs and businesses running smoothly when every day we’re expected to be at school.

(And no-one wants their child to be the one looking eagerly into the crowd and seeing no mummy or daddy to cheer them on #guilt )

Secondly, my eldest daughter is sleepwalking and having disturbed sleep patterns generally. Hot summer nights and 8-year old worrying. Which means I’m up at night with her and basically…. yep, exhausted. Sleep deprivation for parents is just the worst. Bleurgh.

Thirdly, I’m already busy in my business so when I add in new stuff (no matter how exciting they may be) it doesn’t take much to tip me over the edge. As human beings, we can only do so much in any given day.

And Fourthly, and this is the rub, I’m a perfectionist at heart so it’s an ongoing battle with me to do the whole “done is better than perfect” thing. Too many years as a lawyer means I have a real aversion to doing things half-cocked and I have to be 100% committed and delivering full-on attention to something in order for me to feel that I’m giving value. Chopping and changing between tasks is tricky too, so constantly changing my mum hat for my business advisor hat (at the drop of a hat) is a challenge.

Hey mum. I’m wearing your sunglasses and a plastic slug on my head. Stop working and LOOK

Summer Dilemma

Which leaves us with a summer dilemma as working parents, doesn’t it? Because basically our whole lives are based around keeping the balls in the air, balancing the different boxes, making it look “easy” whilst on the inside we’re shouting….

F*CK what day is it today and where am I meant to be because I have an awful feeling that I’m in the wrong place and I may be wearing the wrong things and have I eaten anything since breakfast??

{please say its not just me…}

It’s messy, it’s chaotic, it’s not always easy.

It can be super fun too but we have to keep our heads on and remember what really matters.

Don’t take it all so seriously.

Don’t lose the plot

It’s not just me. I notice many of my clients at this time of year are losing the plot right now.

I’ve got people in tears because they’ve messed up their summer schedule and are stressed about childcare. I’ve got people feeling angry because their bosses are refusing to let them take time off to attend something at school. I’ve got people dreading the summer because it means a revenue drop in their business and they can’t afford the business overheads.

What’s my advice?

Well, it’s the same advice I gently give to myself.

We all just do what we can. Done is better than perfect, in all areas.


Take a deep breath and get perspective.
Take a good hard look at what really matters.
Take action to calm things down.
Stuff going on in your business and your job right now is NOT what you’re going to remember on your death bed.

You’re going to be thinking back and remembering summer days chilling out, spent with your loved ones, in the sun, with a smile on your face.

As someone who has suffered bereavement, and watched my daughter battle leukaemia in recent years, I can tell you categorically that the little stuff which we struggle with in the every day doesn’t matter.



Let the deadlines slip on your launch plan. It’s ok.
Have the courage to tell (not ask) your boss you’re going to Sports Day and make up the time elsewhere. It’s ok.
Speak to the bank to proactively ask for an overdraft extension to get the cash flow you need through to the autumn. It’s ok.
Ask a friend to share some summer childcare play dates with you. It’s more than ok. We’re in this together.

Get out in the sunshine and let go of feeling like you have to get everything done, right now, perfectly, or else….

Smile, laugh it all off, pat yourself on the back for being awesome. Which you are.

You’re perfect, just as you are.

Tomorrow’s another day.

Live it, love it, be in it. With a smile.


Summer = going mad on the arcade machines in Scarborough. #mumgoals

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