Are you a leader doing good in the world?

I work with leaders who want to grow. You are your greatest asset so you have to take care of yourself, and learn to lead yourself, first. When you feel good about your work, and who you are, then you come alive. To my mind, the point of being in business is to make a difference and inspire others on what is possible.

When you’re leading and inspiring others, it’s easy to lose sight of who you truly are and what you stand for. You can get so busy inside your business that you forget to work on you and the bigger picture. Let me help you to slow down, step back, get  explore what makes you o, and to accelerate success by letting your heart lead the way instead of your head.

We talk about what success means to you, how to build trusted relationships which support you, making compassionate decisions from a place of integrity, and applying your intelligence alongside creativity and a big dose of intuition.

If this is you, let’s talk.

  • You want honest, no-nonsense advice and support from a trusted source who can get to the heart of issues fast.
  • You crave a sense of belonging – and would love to have open conversations about the truth of how you feel
  • You achieve best when you are surrounded by people who share your values
  • You see the value in being challenged to make powerful decisions
  • You went into business to make a difference and are driven by a desire to leave a legacy

I’ve been immersed in the practical side of business building for nearly 10 years. Before that I was a practising commercial lawyer in an international law firm then Commercial Director in a FTSE100 company. This gives me a unique position as a corporate leader who can also truly relate to entrepreneurial challenges.  I’m all about taking the complex and making it simple, and I believe that business with integrity will always reap reward. If you want to do business the right way, then you’re in the right place.

Do you crave simplicity?

  • business can feel complex and difficult: let’s get you answers you need and fast
  • take time out from working in the business, and get strategic focus instead
  • access a “been there done it” mentor so that you can shortcut past challenges
  • avoid all the conflicting advice out there and experience straight talking and honest support

I’m a unique combination of lawyer (brains & no-nonsense approach), a seasoned entrepreneur running my own business for nearly 10 years (been there, done it & love sharing the lessons) and business mentor (built on integrity and empathy).

I like to keep things simple. Life and business is complex enough.

I share my honest experiences from 20 years in business. I bring my corporate and legal expertise to solve problems with you. I ask you questions so that you gain wider perspective. I connect you with others who I believe can accelerate your results. Above all, I support and challenge you to grow into a more empowered and courageous leader.

I want you to succeed in your mission to help others, so that a ripple effect of positive change takes place from the work we do together.

I believe in a world where more humans lead with honesty and compassion to help each other to make positive change. My mission is to create as many conversations and build out a community where that happens, day in, day out.

Does that sound good to you, too?

Which to choose:

There are a number of ways to work with me, based on where you are and what you need most

  • I take a limited number of 1:1 clients each year to work with me on personal leadership and growth strategy. Simply email me for an application form.
  • My community THE GREENHOUSE is available from January 2020 for leaders to collaborate and grow in a group setting. Join the waitlist below.
  • My Serenwood team help small business owners with commercial contracts and resolution of disputes.
  • I offer retained support – “Right Hand Woman” – for businesses which are scaling and need focussed legal and commercial guidance from me.

1-to-1 Coaching

Each year I work exclusively with a limited number of exceptional people who want personal and professional growth. We focus on strategy for business growth but ensuring it’s aligned with your vision, values and purpose.

Application only. Book a call to discuss what you need.

From £3000 +VAT for 6 months

The Greenhouse

A community for leaders looking to grow and collaborate. Reimagining leadership for the 21st century.

Monthly membership – from January 2020.

Guest experts, powerful conversations, coaching and access to in-person events.

Join the waitlist. 

Right-Hand Woman

Bespoke legal retainer service for super-charged business owners. Expert legal support to grow, protect and simplify your business dealings.

From £2000 +VAT per month or a fixed price per project

Last but not least…

For discrete projects to corporates, please book a call.

This includes executive coaching, leadership development and board advisory support.

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