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I work with smart, ambitious business owners who are ready to grow and scale on strong, sustainable foundations. You can join one of my group programmes, you can connect with me for a “Flower Power” strategy session, or you can have me by your side as your “Right Hand Woman” legal support & trusted advisor. I also offer 3 month and 6 month business growth coaching so you can get my focussed attention on taking your business to the next level.

I also provide 1-to-1 personal coaching – I love to inspire and mentor amazing, talented and sparky women who are ready to make big change. (Even though you might not feel that sparky right now). It might be your career, life plans, business dreams, or something else entirely but if it’s change and growth that’s needed, and it’s a deep longing for more joy, connection and purpose which has brought you here – then I’m your woman. Check out my HEART approach to a coaching relationship.

If you’re looking for specific help with contracts, procurement, supply chain or dispute resolution then check out my legal consultancy Serenwood here.

If you are:

  • tired of living small and ready to get focus and expand;
  • feeling stuck or trapped by inertia, ready to create traction and impact;
  • scared, confused or stuck making an important decision in your life, business or career;
  • craving transformation but unsure where to start and needing a “been there, done it” mentor;
  • experiencing phenomenal success and wanting serious support to raise your game to the next level…

…I can help. I’m here to help you seek out the extraordinary within your life and to guide and support you to light a fire under your dreams. It’s time to take consistent action every day towards the live and business you desire and deserve. Don’t wait. Now is always the right time.

I’ll help you to believe in yourself and share with you what has worked for me personally and introduce you to other people determined to pursue a life of impact and legacy.

I bring to the table my many years of legal training, corporate experience, coaching and consultancy, problem solving and negotiation – not to mention my resilience and mindset having been through some seriously difficult life experiences.

What’s important right now is that you are hungry for change. You want to make a difference and you’re willing to do the work.

That may mean making big decisions.

Or it may mean small steps at a time, with commitment and consistency, towards a huge, HUGE goal.

You can visit my online store by clicking here to see what services I’m currently offering:


Which to choose:

1-to-1 Coaching

Each year I work exclusively with a limited number of exceptional people who want personal and professional growth. Follow my HEART approach to living a full life.

Application only. Book a call to discuss what you need.

From £3000 +VAT for 6 months

The Greenhouse

Group programme for established business owners looking to scale. Safe and supportive space, providing you with a powerful mix of know-how and implementation strategy to get swiftly to the next level of success.

£1500, or £375 per month for 4 months (+VAT)

Get Savvy Business Club

Annual membership for smart entrepreneurs – giving you contracts, legal training, commercial strategy guidance & all the essentials for running a safe, compliant business. Training, online forum, live calls, and a peer group network. Get-savvy and grow on strong foundations.

£999 annually, or £85 per month +VAT

Right-Hand Woman

Bespoke legal retainer service for super-charged business owners. Expert legal support to grow, protect and simplify your business dealings.

From £2000 +VAT per month or a fixed price per project

Root to Grow

Group programme for new-ish business owners who understand they need to grow on solid foundations. Contracts, finance, commercial strategy, nail your offerings and build a sustainable business.

£888, or £222 per month for 4 months (+VAT)

New intake:
September 2018

Flower Power Session

The best and fastest way to get my legal eagle eyes on your business fast. I offer a Commercial Health-check and strategy session, designed to give you a shot of focus and clarity. The secret weapon to power up.

£321 (+VAT)

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Can’t decide?

Book a call and we’ll have a conversation to find out where you are, what’s not working, and if I can help. Because if I don’t have the answers I’m pretty sure I’ll know someone who does.

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