Here I Am

And here you are.

So it’s time to get to work.

My mission is teaching and empowering smart ambitious leaders to grow.

On strong, sustainable foundations. Emotionally, mentally, strategically, physically. You are your greatest asset so my ethos is that success in life and business is simple.
It’s all about being a human. Relationships, compassion, applying our intelligence with integrity.

Being the best version of you because that is how you set the world on fire.

As you’ve grown, you will have been conditioned to act in all sorts of ways. To conform, to fit in, to play by certain rules.

Especially if you’re a woman, you may have been taught from birth to “be a good girl” or to dumb down your power and brains. You may have been taught to look a certain way, behave a certain way, follow a certain path in life, earn a certain amount of money, play it safe because uncertainty and taking risks is not the done thing.

In recent years we’ve seen a steady increase in women launching businesses – we’re the “have it all” generation with many opportunities opening up to us – but it’s still less than 5% of the female population in the UK who step into leadership in this way.

Female-founded businesses tend to be focussed upon contribution, and changing our world for the better. We’re focusing less on money as the indicator of our success and more on contribution, kindness, collaboration and compassion. This is all wonderful and if this is you, I’m passionate about supporting you and teaching you everything I know to move you forward.

Because, an increasing number of women in business are also giving up.

They experience success but quickly become overwhelmed, fearful or lose confidence, especially when trying to balance other responsibilities and expectations upon them. And of course, it’s all well and good not being driven by money but your business has to make money to survive. And it’s going to be wealthy western women who save the world, so you being on a mission to make money is essential.

What you need more than anything is honest, no-nonsense advice, truth & inspiration, short cuts and jargon-free learning, and a feeling of belonging – pushing you onwards to the next level because you’re acting in line with your values and feeling empowered & able to make decisions. There are many coaches, consultants and teachers claiming to be able to help you but a distinct lack of integrity when it comes to getting you results.

This is where I come in. Business with heart.

As a business owner & seasoned entrepreneur I’ve been immersed in the practical side of business building for nearly 10 years. With my legal background (I’m a qualified commercial lawyer turned business coach), I’m all about cutting through the confusion and making things simple and achievable. Clearing away the overwhelm and getting you into consistent action rather than spinning your wheels feeling stuck in the quicksand.

Where are you right now?

I’ve designed a range different options to get access to what you need, based on where you are in your career or business growth.

  • THE GREENHOUSE group programme is my flagship online programme for leaders who want to grow. Its community based and it’s as much about connection as it is about learning.
  • The “Roots to Grow” group programme is for entrepreneurs in the first few years of business who want to get-savvy with the legal and commercial elements of business so they are setting a strong foundation. We learn all things legal and financial so you feel confident to stand on your own two feet, rooted to grow with confidence.
  • For fast strategic and legal eyes on your business model, you can book a “Flower Power” strategy session. I’ll apply my brain and wisdom to your business and help you plan the year ahead.
  • I offer a limited number of retained legal packages – “Right Hand Woman” – specifically for business owners scaling from 6 to 7 figure and beyond who need negotiation, deal shaping and commercial clout. This is a monthly fee which gets you a certain amount of my time supporting your business growth.
  • My 1-to-1 personal coaching packages are for anyone wanting to go deeper into their own purpose and direction. We work together for six-months in order to get very clear on your uniqueness and design a life plan to bring you into joy and powerful intention.

In addition, if you’re looking for specific help with contracts, procurement, supply chain or dispute resolution for your growing business then check out my legal consultancy Serenwood here.

If you are a smart, ambitious leader who is:

  • big hearted and empathetic, tired of ego-driven games in business;
  • feeling trapped by trying to fit into a certain mould;
  • wanting to create more impact but feeling stuck or trapped by inertia;
  • feeling frustrated by  all the conflicting advice out there about leadership and business growth;
  • craving simplicity and “a better way” of doing things;
  • feeling isolated and wanting serious support & collaboration to raise your confidence and get inspired again.

…you’ve arrived at the perfect place.

I’m here to show you the way (including the much-needed shortcuts), to share my many years of experience and expertise, and give you that safe place to land & take stock.

I’m a unique combination of lawyer (brains & no-nonsense approach), a seasoned entrepreneur running my own business for nearly 10 years (been there, done it & ready to share the lessons) and intuitive coach (pride myself on integrity and empathy) rolled into one.

Come talk to me. Don’t wait. Now is always the right time.

I’ll help you to believe in yourself and share with you what has worked for me personally and introduce you to other people determined to pursue a life of impact and legacy.

I bring to the table my many years of legal training, corporate experience, coaching and consultancy, problem solving and negotiation – not to mention my resilience and mindset having been through some seriously difficult life experiences.

What’s important right now is that you are hungry for change.

You want to make a difference and you’re willing to do the work.

That may mean making big decisions.

Or it may mean small steps at a time, with commitment and consistency, towards a huge, impactful goal which fills you with excitement.

Below you can learn about the specific services I’m offering right now – come and take a closer look.


Which to choose:

1-to-1 Coaching

Each year I work exclusively with a limited number of exceptional people who want personal and professional growth. We focus on strategy for business growth but ensuring it’s aligned with your vision, values and purpose.

Application only. Book a call to discuss what you need.

From £3000 +VAT for 6 months

The Greenhouse

My group membership for established business owners looking for personal growth and leadership mentoring. Safe and supportive space, providing you with a powerful mix of leadership know-how,  implementation strategy and engaged community … to get you swiftly to the next level of success.

Monthly subscription – from November 2019

Get Savvy Business Club

Annual membership for smart entrepreneurs – giving you contracts, legal training, commercial strategy guidance & all the essentials for running a safe, compliant business. Training, online forum, live calls, and a peer group network. Get-savvy and grow on strong foundations.

£999 annually, or £85 per month +VAT

Right-Hand Woman

Bespoke legal retainer service for super-charged business owners. Expert legal support to grow, protect and simplify your business dealings.

From £2000 +VAT per month or a fixed price per project

Root to Grow

Group programme for new-ish business owners who understand they need to grow on solid foundations. Contracts, finance, commercial strategy, nail your offerings and build a sustainable business.

£888, or £222 per month for 4 months (+VAT)

Next intake:
October 2019

Flower Power Session

The best and fastest way to get my legal eagle eyes on your business fast. I offer a Commercial Health-check and strategy session, designed to give you a shot of focus and clarity. The secret weapon to power up.

£321 (+VAT)

Find out more about working with me
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Can’t decide?

Let’s have a conversation to find out where you are, what’s not working, and if I can help.

Step 1. Schedule a complimentary, no-obligation consult using the link below. Choose the date and time to suit you.

Step 2. Answer the questions as part of the booking request. Before we talk, I love to have some detail about you, your life and business, what you need.

Step 3. You’ll receive a confirmation, and I’ll send you a Zoom link so that we can use online video-conferencing for our call.

Step 4. At the scheduled time of your consult, click the Zoom to connect with me. We’ll talk through where you are, what you need, and if I can help you.

Step 5. If you decide to work with me, I’ll tell you the exact steps for getting started. If you decide not to work with me or if we aren’t a perfect fit, I’m bound to know someone who can. I’ll be happy to share other resources and tips to help you move forward.

Rachel x

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