My Why

Don’t wait – do it now.

You already know that life is too short to be medicore.

So many people end up sleep-walking through life, on an auto-pilot setting doing more of the same and not asking themselves questions about what they truly want or who they are.

Being comfortable – or unhappy – is not living your life – it’s settling. And settling won’t bring you the kind of success you really want.

I’m a Welsh-born lass living in Yorkshire and I like to think that I keep things straightforward. I’m often told by clients that I bring clarity to chaos, and help them get perspective then they’re spinning out of control. It’s one of my superpowers.

But I’m also prone to over-thinking, people-pleasing and the dreadful affection of comparison-itis which has  made my life far more complicated than I needed it to be at times. Over the years I’ve had to learn (and unlearn) ways of seeing through the haze for myself in order to help others to do the same.

Successful busyness

In the early part of my career, rising the ranks as a high-powered lawyer, I did what exactly what I see happening to smart women everywhere…I got too busy. Work and career and family and relationships and friendships – everything stacked up to busy busy busy. And then we get too busy even to think about ourselves, as we put everyone else first… **got that T shirt but was too busy to wear it**

Lone Rangers lose out

As we try and do all this on our own – because we’re strong, smart, have worked it all out up to now, and it’s up to us, right? – we don’t ever like to admit it’s not all under control.


Yes I am smart, and strong, and I worked it all out BUT eventually I found a much better way.

Connecting with other people, speaking my own truth and sharing my failures, asking for support. I’ve been savvy enough to seek out some amazing business coaches and mastermind groups over the years which have empowered me, supported me and guided me.

We’re not made to walk this life alone. In fact, trying to know it all, do it all, cope with it all ALONE is the very opposite of what is required to bring happiness and joy into our life. Getting vulnerable, asking for help, offering to help others, sharing who we are and following the breadcrumbs of what makes us happy…that’s where the magic lies.

That’s Why

And that’s what I do and why I do it. Coaching is a very powerful way of helping people see what they already know is there, but they have put out of reach – their own dreams, truths and innate passions. It’s about connection, and being successful without overwhelm. On your own terms, not based on someone else’s vision of what success looks like. I love to help others and coaching is a natural and instinctive way for me to share my knowledge, experience and insights.

My Why is stopping brilliant people from saying things like:

  • I’m too busy right now
  • I’ll do it when the kids are older
  • I can’t do that I’ve got a mortgage to pay
  • When I save up enough money I’ll do that
  • I’m not good enough and I don’t have the skills/experience/time/money/support (*insert other excuse*)
  • OMG what would people say?
  • I tried that once but it didn’t work so…you know…
  • I haven’t got the skills [or the time] [or the money] [or the confidence] to do that

…and so on.

You get the idea. We all do it. If we’re not saying it, we’re most certainly thinking it. Whether we’re aware of it or simply letting it guide us through our half-asleep existence.

Excuses excuses

And deep down you know that these random thoughts are just excuses. You do believe anything is possible,  but right now you’re scared and fear is holding you back. Not just of failure actually – but of your own brilliant success and what that would mean.

What change would that bring when you’re wildly successful pursuing your dreams? What would people say and what might you have to give up on the way?

Success is scary and we can convince ourselves that it’s easier to stay hidden, quiet, comfortable.

And perhaps you really just don’t have a clue how to go about doing what you really want to…where to start? How to begin? Who can help?

You know those dreams you have which keep you awake at night? The ones that feel like a ‘crazy idea’ you instantly talk yourself out of in the morning? That’s why you’re not doing them – it’s the ‘voice of reason’ having too much control… and who put that bossy mean naysayer in charge anyway?

So now you’re back in the comfort zone, with Life not looking quite how you’d like it to be, not enough time to spend with the people who count, while you become increasingly overwhelmed and frustrated (or simply just bored and tired).

You’ve become that person who is tired of being tired, feeling stuck in a hamster wheel, desperate for change yet at the same time not wanting to rock the boat.

Time to change

I’ll ask you to take control. I’ll ask you to start writing a new story. Because in order to stop playing small, you will have to commit to taking action and doing things differently. Even when it gets uncomfortable – which I can pretty much guarantee it will – but it will be more than worth it. All rewards lie on the other side of courage.

My Why is to get you to drop the excuses. To be prepared to stroll past the doubters and conformists to get where you want to go. To be honest and brave and take some risks. You’ll need to be ready to fail as failing is how you’ll get there. But you’ll have help on the way, as you’ll have asked for it to be there. You won’t be on your own.

My why is supporting you to live a life of courageous choice and collaborative contribution as a change maker in the 21st century. We have complex problems to solve and living it small is not serving anyone. Least of all you.

Don’t wait. Let’s live life on your terms.

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