Rachel Flower – Business Coach

I’m Rachel Flower – a UK-based business coach, legal consultant, qualified solicitor, entrepreneur and working parent – helping smart, ambitious people to grow and scale businesses on strong foundations.

I’m on a mission to support and inspire you to build a life – and a business – which brings you both freedom and financial reward. Business which does good and feels good in equal measures.

I provide a wide range of services including 1-to-1 coaching, online group programmes for business growth, “Right Hand Women” legal support & strategic “Flower Power” strategy sessions for fast results.

In 2019 I co-founded “The Broadroom” with fellow entrepreneur Lucy Whittington which is a fantastic community of like-minded business owners coming together to collaborate and expand their CEO skills in order to grow their impact and results.

I have an online membership “The Greenhouse” for women in business who want to step up their leadership skills and create more impact, by improving their self-awareness and personal growth within a safe space.

I’m also a speaker on all things growth related, business & personal and love talking about resilience and how to overcome adversity. This is the topic of my book “The Law of Intrepid Greatness” which is due to be published by the end of the year – watch this space!

My legal consultancy business Serenwood provides jargon free, practical contracts advice to small businesses looking to grow on solid foundations.


You might have noticed I’m what they call “multi-passionate”. One of the best things about running your own business is that you can serve whoever you want, however you want, and create success on your own terms. How good is that?

I’m a full time lover of life, non-traditional wife, mum to two gorgeous girls, recovering former-suit-wearing lawyer, almost actress, singer, constantly curious question asker and loyal friend.

But despite all that love of do-ing, I’m steadfastly anti-hustle and committed to connection, collaboration, community and living a slower life. I’ve done my time running at a million miles an hour and my mission now is to help people slow down, focus on what matters, and find the unique definition of success which works for them. Not conforming, ditching the #shoulds, living life in technicolour.

More than the Law

On paper I’ve achieved huge professional success (you can read my Professional Bio here) but if I’m honest – that wasn’t my dream. When I was younger I loved music, drama, writing poetry & reading books. But I was a straight A student & Head Girl, and my careers service gave me the choice to be a lawyer or a doctor. Once my working class parents got wind of that, my dreams of being a West End actress were thrown aside. It was expected of me to go make some serious money doing a serious job. I hate the sight of blood so off I went – landing myself a much-coveted solicitor training contract and eventually qualifying as a commercial lawyer. In my 20s I powered my way up the career ladder.

I’m always at pains to say that I don’t regret my time spent in Big Law. I acquired masses of experience, stacks of knowledge, financial security and lots of fabulous friends. For a girl from a small town in Wales, I did good. And along the way I banked resilience by the bucket-load, did the inner work, and taught myself to step into my power and make difficult choices. I was head-hunted out of private practice law and took a senior Commercial Director position in-house, which gave me a great grounding in business growth, financial management, sales, HR and team management.


Importantly, I became a young, feisty, female leader in a predominantly man’s world and this fired my passion for empowering other women. It’s how I became a mentor to women in business and made me determined to push the equality agenda and explore ways to create more flexibility in the way we work.

I established my legal consultancy business (Serenwood) in 2009 when I was pregnant with my first child. My mission was to create for myself the perfect work/life balance – and to create opportunities & coach other women (and men of course, because the answer lies in equality) who wanted to work flexibly with their hard-won legal skills.

Choice, freedom, independence.


I build my Serenwood business to six figures within 12 months and scaled it slowly and steadily, increasing revenue 20% year on year whilst retaining a great work life balance. It was a disruptive offering, and I learnt first-hand the very principles of growth and business success which I’d been lawyering for years. I turned my attention to coaching and mentoring, and found ways to share my knowledge and educate others in legal issues and growth strategy.

Alongside that career history, life threw a fair few spanners in the works too. Along the way I’ve been knocked down countless times, through personal tragedy, relationship challenges, health issues and financial crises.

Our life experiences determine who we are and how we show up in our businesses and career.

I know that my ability to inspire and coach others stems from the fact that I’ve become somewhat of an expert in overcoming adversity and seeking joy and happiness through the darkest of times. Business or career success is intrinsically linked with how happy you are in your personal life and how well you can express yourself, every day, free from judgement or obligation or censor.

The Cs

So my mission is to coach and support smart ambitious people to have the life they want – now.

Every day I meet people who are stuck in overwhelm or stuck in corporate roles with their creative dreams left on the shelf gathering dust. I speak to people who are living a half-life but not knowing how to shed their personas to let their true selves out. I mentor women who are experiencing massive success but are held back by gender equality or an inflexibility to combine their career with balancing family life.

If you hang around long enough, you’ll hear me talking bout my 12 Cs. The things that we need to cultivate in our lives if we’re going to grow. They include courage and curiosity, confidence to ask for and get what you need, and cheerleaders to push you on.  Compassion, of course. Oh yes – and challenge because this is how we keep learning and reaching greater heights. This is what we work on together in The Greenhouse, as I inspire my community to become ever more powerful female leaders.

Rachel laughing on Orient Express

Oh. Before you go…

I’m not saying ‘you can have it all’ in a way that’s exhausting, all consuming and measured in traditional success terms. I’m steadfastly anti-hustle.

I simply want you to LOVE how your life works. On your terms.

If you’re a business owner, I want you to have enthusiasm, energy and creativity to do your thing. Doing it your way, accessing trusted advice but also modelling innovation. Lit up like a beacon for change.

If you’re a parent, I want you to cherish and laugh with your children, to remember that they’re watching your every move and hanging on your every word, so you choose your actions and words carefully and together we inspire our next generation to better things.

If you’re a change maker, I want you to be seen, be heard, find your voice and own your brilliance.

I’m a huge fan of the power of connection. Finding like-minded people who want to contribute and make a difference alongside you is a great way to live. I seek out people to work with who truly appreciate the value of collaboration and helping others – because together we can build lives of purpose and freedom (and not burn ourselves out on the way).

So that’s me. Now I want to hear about you. Choose any one of the ways on this site to connect and collaborate with me. Click on one of the social media icons at the bottom of this page to follow and support my mission in the online world.

Don’t wait.

That’s my mantra, by the way.

Life’s short and every day is a gift so let’s make each moment matter.

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