A rising tide….

You’ll have heard the phrase “a rising tide lifts all boats.”

Lucy and I use it on the website for The Broadroom. I always think it’s just a brilliant but simple way to think about female empowerment in business.

When another woman succeeds, we all succeed. We’re all in this together. This is why I am always talking about collaboration over competition. Or at the very least, appreciating that having competitors in business is healthy….it shows there is a market and a need, and there will always be enough buyers to go around.

Today I had a fantastic conversation about “empowerment” within a women’s inner circle mastermind that I am part of. It’s incredibly powerful to have these deep conversations, to listen to other’s insights, have space to talk through our most innermost thoughts. I came away feeling rejuvenated, inspired, supported, enlightened. I have lots to share with you from that discussion – but for starters I thought I’d give you my 5 quick tips for how to support other women in business, so that we can empower each other (which will always lead to empowering yourself – we’re just built that way!)


  • Mentoring – wherever stage you are at in business, you will benefit from having a mentor. And you will also benefit from being a mentor! Creating relationships where you have a trusted someone to learn from, as well as making time to help someone else…. priceless. Having a high quality mentor is recognised as one of the most powerful tools to keep you moving forward. It allows you to share your expertise, gain incredible insights, save you time and energy, a sounding board for ideas. Mentors don’t generally tell you “what to do” but they help you to make better decisions and guide you in the right direction. They can help hold you accountable and inspire you to take the next step. What’s not to love?
  • Value and respect – when you see someone doing something fantastic, or they help you directly, or you admire someone…let them know! Don’t hold back on your appreciation. Spread it around. Give compliments, genuine and heartfelt. Everyone loves to be recognised and we all love to know we have made a difference. When you notice yourself feeling envious, jealous, conflicted by someone’s great success – ask yourself why. See if you can notice it and move past it and give that person recognition. What goes around comes around. And also – make sure that when people compliment you, you receive that gracefully and simply say THANK YOU.
  • Fun and flexibility – yes, business is serious and as women we need to put our attention ever more seriously in terms of being ambitious for growth, putting the focus on leadership and the art of what is possible for us. But this doesn’t mean we have to wear a mask and a suit. What people want more than ever is human connection, lightness, creativity, real life stories. Being honest with your celebrations, open with your sharing, vulnerable with your challenges….and making your content fascinating and relevant….this is what is going to attract people to you. Be relevant to what is going on around you, keep your approach fresh and adapt to situations. It’s been awful during this recent pandemic to see people with content on “autopilot” or regurgitating content which worked before but felt insensitive and inappropriate at this time. Put your heart into your business and it will inspire others as they watch you. And of course, we all know that this is how you’re going to get your message out, get more sales, build a stronger business. Which is going to empower you and others, right?
  • Give and serve – if you care about the fight for equality for women in business, consider how could you contribute your time and effort in a meaningful way? There are plenty of ways to volunteer in a formal way. But also, every time you are a guest on a podcast or a webinar and put your focus on sharing valuable information (rather than just “what’s in it for me, what can I sell?”) you are powerfully helping and serving. We each have incredible expertise which can benefit other women in business – share it generously, and of course this will build more trust amongst us and build credibility for our skills.
  • Spend & invest consciously – it’s all too easy to buy for convenience, helping the likes of Amazon, supermarket giants to succeed. How can you be a more conscious buyer both in business and personal spend? Which small businesses do you love and can make a choice to actively support by purchasing from them? Can you actively choose female founded businesses (assuming they are also the perfect fit for your need too)? Can you put in place recurring and repeat orders so that you aren’t left panic buying from “the big boys”? During this pandemic, I (like many others) went through my overheads and made changes to ensure I wasn’t making unnecessary spend. And I did this very mindfully, trying to ensure I wasn’t cancelling commitments to my fellow female business owners, and placing orders for food and essentials with small, local businesses.

How many of the things above are you already doing? Where could you put your attention right now for the good of us all? Does this blog remind you that you want to actively support other women in business? What would you add to this list?

Together we grow. Your success is my success.

Over in The Greenhouse, my online membership for leaders, we’re concentrating on the theme of “Calm” this month. This is a great example of a leadership value which empowers you and helps to empower others. When you are leading from a grounded and calm place, you are naturally going to build trust and confidence in your relationship with others be that team, customers, potential buyers, suppliers. If you’d like to know more about The Greenhouse click here – it’s currently open to new members and we’re always looking for strong, passionate business owners to come and join our conversation. As I say…a rising tide lifts all boats. Don’t try and do it alone.

R x

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