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Hello, my friend

What brings you here?

If you’ve been sent to “meet” me then I believe that you are here because you have a big heart, big ambitions and a big brain. But you’ve been playing it small and you know it’s time to grow. 

I’m Rachel Flower and I teach and empower smart people to grow in their lives and their businesses. Leaders. Visionaries. Entrepreneurs.

In particular, I champion women who want to create incredible businesses built on sustainable foundations, without compromising their values or getting burnt-out. Leading the way to great things by modelling compassion, integrity, honesty.

Helping you focus on great relationships, delivering impactful change, leaving a legacy, inspiring others.

Doing less but achieving more (more of the right things, by saying “no” to the wrong ones)

Overcoming challenge by cultivating resilience and surrounding yourself with the right people to lift you higher.


That’s where I come in and – I hope – that’s why you’re here. To join me as we collectively rise. I’m a connector, a deep-thinker, a sharp strategic advisor with a soft centre. I’m a toxic mix of commercial lawyer, business coach and mentor, seasoned entrepreneur, working parent and board-room leader My superpower is cutting through confusion to bring clarity, excitement, wisdom and consistent action into your big ambitions. Building strongly from the ground up so you are set for success.

Think Bigger. Create Change.

I meet far too many talented people who are fundamentally unhappy – not just an ‘I’m having a bad day’ feeling which passes, but a deep longing for ‘more’.

Not more of the material stuff and certainly not more responsibility or pressure or stuff to do. No way.

More expression, more joy, more connection, more impact, more truth, more fun. Making more of a difference.

So many people have a big dream for an extraordinary life, but if you can’t find a way to take consistent action towards living that life then you end up stuck.

Or you reach the “success” you’ve been aiming for and then a quiet little voice inside whispers “is this it?”

Now is always the best time to take decisive action.

It’s time to build beautifully on everything you’ve experienced up to now – no need to throw anything away.

Getting focus and direction. Perspective. Taking those small steps, consistently, with intention and courage.

Creating big change which truly takes you to the next level.

P.S. Oh yes, and we will be reminding ourselves constantly that life – and business – is all about the journey so let’s have some fun on the way. That bit’s non negotiable.

Use your Voice

Enough of the small talk. I’m all about bigger conversations. Let’s go deeper. I love to talk about about how to make a bigger impact, how to tap into your courage, how to uncover your purpose, and take action on those huge audacious ambitions. How we can change the world for the better, one day and one person and one act at a time.

Word of warning. My advice for pretty much everything? Don’t wait.

Life’s short. Live it now. On your terms.

My Why

Don’t wait – do it now. My mantra for most things. Because life is too short to be mediocre.

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