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Together, we grow

I’m on a mission to support smart, ambitious people – like you – to grow in their lives and businesses. I want to support you to be everything you know you can be – and right now.

Growth on purpose. Creating balance in your life so you can feel more joy and connection. Doing less but achieving more (more of the right things, by saying “no” to the wrong ones)

In many ways it’s easy to ‘look’ successful to the outside world – but feeling excited, connected and alive on the inside…well, that’s something else. I know what it feels like to do what other people expect you to do, and be left feeling frustrated because it doesn’t set your soul on fire. Suddenly, you arrive at a certain place in your life, and you feel stuck or just plain confused. It’s not where you’d expected to be even if it might ‘look good’ to everyone else (which makes it harder to complain about!).

I meet far too many talented people who are fundamentally unhappy – not just an ‘I’m having a bad day’ feeling which passes, but a deep longing for ‘more’. Not more of the material stuff and certainly not more responsibility or pressure or stuff to do. No way. More expression, more joy, more connection, more impact, more truth, more fun. Making more of a difference. There’s nothing wrong with having a big dream of an extraordinary life, but the problem comes when you can’t find a way to take consistent action towards living that life. Or you reach the “success” you’ve been aiming for but a sad little voice inside just whispers “what now?”

This is your time. Get ready.

NOW is always the best time to take decisive action. We’re going to build beautifully on everything you’ve experienced up to now – no need to throw anything away. Your business or career is an expression of you, but if it’s not a true reflection, then let’s take steps to change that. Small steps, done consistently, creating big change which truly takes you to the next level of your life or business.

Whether you’re a business owner feeling stuck and ready for big growth, or a senior leader in corporate needing support to transition or adapt, or a mum who’s got herself stuck and confused about her future career options – I can help. As an ex-lawyer, business mentor, entrepreneur and transformational coach (not to mention proud parent to 2 beautiful girls, singer, almost-actress) I’ve worked with hundreds of change makers and leaders to grow & overcome adversity & challenge. Let me help you find your true path forward. And the courage to pursue it with all your heart.

Oh yes, and it’s all about the journey so let’s have some fun on the way. That bit’s non negotiable.

If you’re ready to talk, I’m ready to listen.

I want to speak to you about how to make a bigger impact, how to connect with your true character and strength, how to uncover your real expression & purpose, or to explore how you get moving on those big hairy audacious dreams. Sometimes we talk first about how you plan to spend more time with your family, your loved ones, and prioritising yourself and the things you love.

Word of warning. My advice for pretty much everything? Don’t wait.

Life’s short. Live it now.

My Why

Don’t wait – do it now. My mantra for most things. Because life is too short to be mediocre.

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