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Hello, I’m Rachel

I’m a leadership mentor and advocate for female entrepreneurship.

With a background in law and commercial contracts, I’ve seen it all in the world of big business. The disputes, the lies, the false accusations, the promises broken.

And it pains me to see this playing out on our global leadership stage right now.

So I’m calling a revolution for change at the grass-roots level. Small business owners unite, to lead from the ground up. Let us lead with a compassionate and honest style of leadership, with integrity at its core.

You can choose to speak up and be heard on the topics which you care about.

You can create a business that does good in the world and feels good to you.

You can make money without compromising your values or getting burnt-out.

You can lead the way by infusing compassion, integrity and honesty into your  business.

You can intentionally focus on great relationships, and inspiring others to greatness.

You can cultivate your resilience so that you lead with increased confidence and courage, moment to moment.

Community. Collaboration. Creativity. Let’s solve complex problems together.


Conversations that Matter. People Who Care.

Too many talented people are fundamentally unhappy. Not just an ‘I’m having a bad day’ feeling which passes, but a deep longing for ‘more’.

Not more material stuff and certainly not more responsibility or pressure or stuff to do.

More honesty, more connection, more play and joy. More powerful relationships, less isolation and loneliness.

Perhaps you have a big dream for an extraordinary life, but you can’t seem to take consistent action and end up stuck.

Or you’ve got the outward trappings of “success” but the little voice inside keeps whispering “is this it?”

Now is always the best time.

You can build beautifully on everything you’ve experienced up to now – no need to throw anything away.

Gain perspective. Speak your truth. Move forward with intention and courage.

Create change which gives you the chance to make meaningful contribution.

If you love the sound of this….let’s talk. Let’s have a conversation that matters.


Your Voice Matters

Enough of the small talk. I’m all about bigger conversations. Deep connections. I love to talk about about great ideas, big plans, courageous action, audacious ambitions.

How we can change the world for the better, one day and one person at a time.

My advice for pretty much everything? Don’t wait.

Life’s short. Live it now. Lead yourself forward and make your life matter. 

My Why

Don’t wait – do it now. My mantra for most things. Because life is too short to be mediocre.

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